Machine knitting UK

Machine knitting UK

Australia garment making

Australia garment making

Welcome to the website for Homeworkers Worldwide UK, an organisation set up to support homebased workers around the world.

Our website is packed full of information on campaigns, current and future projects as well as connections to other homeworking organisations worldwide.

What is homeworking?

Scene showing a family manufacturing flip-flopsFind out more about different types of homeworking, and why homeworkers need help, advice and protection.

Global Organising

A lady sewing, UgandaHomeworking around the world represented using interactive Google Maps.

International Federation

A regional meeting in Latin AmericaOur demonstration of solidarity together with other homeworking organisations around the world, demanding equal treatment with homeworkers everywhere.

Explore our resources

Two ladies in BulgariaHWW UK has a significant amount of resources on homebased work. We'll be adding to the resources area as the site grows.